Craig Bakay | Mar 30, 2022

As most readers would remember the Frontenac Flyers have had tremendous success
over the last decade competing in, and winning, many OMHA Championships.
The Flyers success is quite remarkable when you consider the geography and
demographics of our region. The credit to its success would be the commitment
of our volunteer base, specifically the Executive and allour amazing
volunteer-Coaches. Two years of Covid threw a huge wrench into our programming.
For example, most of our U11 (2011 and 2010) athletes have only played a handful of
full-ice games before this season.

No one was sure how the season would work out for the 2011 Team. But after finishing
third in league play with a record of 20-3-1, the Flyers qualified for the TIER 1 Eastern
Ontario Championship alongside the Napanee Stars, Stirling Blues and Campbellford Colts.
The kids died their hair orange and practiced hard!! The Round Robin Competition was
intense and unpredictable.

However, with a record of 4 wins and 2 loses, the Flyers qualified for a one game
play down against the rival Campbellford Colts. The Colts are a good Team. They
are bigger and run a short bench. However, the Flyers came prepared and were
supported by hundreds of fans that rocked the Frontenac Community Arena.
It was just like pre-covid times.

The Flyers double downed on their strengths. They played fast, they were
relentless on the back check, and provided very little time and space to the Colts.

Led by goals from Carson Hoekstra (2), Kane Thomas and Ethan Tryon the Flyers
took care of business and won the day. After 3 years of off-and-on hockey it was
incredible to see the pure joy and excitement in these kids faces.

Next up is the OMHA Provincial Championship, where the Flyers will match-up
against the 15 other top teams in the province.

The road to the red-hat continues!

The Team would like to thank all their sponsors and the Frontenac
community for their support. Our community, makes community hockey possible!