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Welcome to Frontenac Minor Hockey

This is an exciting time for parents as you introduce your children to skating and organized hockey. Frontenac Minor Hockey has created a variety of programs that help make this introduction as fun, easy and flexible as possible.


Program #1- LEARN TO SKATE  

The intent of learn to skate is to teach children how to skate. It is open to all ages. Hockey equipment is not required but is allowed however a helmet is mandatory. The Learn to Skate Program consists of 5 weekly sessions, which will run once a week on Saturday mornings. We will run 2 separate sessions and if space is available children may register for both sessions.
This program is designed for families interested in getting their children confident on skates but not quite sure if they want to commit to playing hockey. Parents are encouraged to come on the ice with their children. If interested your child may be able to transfer to our IP program at a pro-rated fee during or after the LTS program.

1st LTS Session - September 17th, 24th, October 1st, 8th and 15th
2nd LTS Session - October 22nd, 29th, November 5th, 12th and 19th

To Register for LTS please visit -Learn to Skate

For more information regarding our Learn to Skate Program please contact Reshelle Leonard at [email protected]

Tyke is now being called MINOR NOVICE.
The intent of this program is to introduce our children to organized hockey.  This is a great program where you will be amazed at the progress your kids make.  They will start barely being able to skate, and finish playing hockey!  The primary focus will be on skating, with puck handling and other hockey skills being introduced as the progress.  The age categories are as follows:
IP – 4-6 years old 

Minor Novice – 7 years old and potentially some experienced 6 year old's


Full equipment is required.  Kids will be organized by experience level.  There will generally be 2 practices a week running from end-September to early March. Half-ice and Cross Ice Games will be introduced at Christmas.  It is recommended that kids be able to stand up unassisted on skates before registering for IP or Minor Novice

Click Here to view the OMHA Novice and Below Programming Guide 



What is IP?

IP stands for Initiation Program.  It is also referred to as “Timbits” Hockey as Tim Hortons provides all the kids with free jerseys.  It’s for 1st time hockey players.  The program is an OMHA mandated program, the goal of which is to teach hockey players, skating and hockey skills in a controlled environment.  Each session consists of a series of skating and puck handling drills, and culminates with a scrimmage.  (Please refer to the OMHA website at for further information on the program).

How old must my child be?

Age is not the real criteria.  Maturity is the better yardstick.  Each year we accept a few who have not reached their 4th birthday, and they generally do well.

Does my child need all of the hockey equipment?

Yes, your child must have full hockey gear including neck guard & mouth guard.

Does my child get to keep the Timbits Jersey at the end of the season?

Yes.  Players will keep their jerseys and socks.


My child can’t really skate, just walks on ice.  Can they go into IP?

Yes, your child is welcome.  We’ll do our best, (depending on availability of volunteer on-ice coaches), to give him/her enough personal instruction to catch up to the others. 


My child cries, and doesn’t want to go on the ice.  What should I do?

You know your child better than we do, but we are willing to work with a child who cries, and find successes for them.  We usually succeed within a few weeks.  The most important thing, is to communicate with us, so we know what the issues are, and how everybody (including you), is feeling about the progress.


Should my daughter be playing in a boy's league, or in a girl's league?

All of Frontenac Programs are co-ed.  Last year approximately 22% of IP players were girls. 


Can I go on the ice with my child?

Yes, our program is built around volunteerism, and we need 8 to 10 coaches on the ice to give proper instruction and support.  You must wear skates, hockey gloves, and helmet.  You don’t need to be a hockey “expert” to be a big help.  Much of the work involves managing a child’s self-confidence.  If you only want to help your child, that’s fine, but don’t frustrate yourself.  In many cases, the child will respond better to a non-parent instructor.  If you’re having doubts, please speak with us about it.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our IP/Minor Novice Coordinator Kelsey Shulist

Program #3 – FIRST SHIFT

In partnership with the Frontenac Fury, we are hoping to again offer the First Shift program this year.

DATES for the 2022-2023 FIRST SHIFT program are not yet confirmed, please check back at a later date.
First Shift is an introduction to hockey based program.
Please Note: You cannot participate in First Shift if you have already played organized hockey. 
It is open to children from 6-10 years of age.
In addition to 10 organized practices, all players will be given a full set of hockey equipment. 
This program is designed for families who want to introduce their kids to organized hockey, get them equipment, but are not ready to commit for our Tyke/IP hockey program. At any time during the program you may be eligible to transfer to our IP/Minor Novice program at a pro-rated fee.

Helmet Combo including Facemask
Shoulder & Elbow Pads
Neck Guard
Jersey, Pants, Socks
Shin Guards
Jock/Jill Under Protective Shorts (for boys & girls)
Gloves, Stick & Skates

Program Overview, Education
Introduction to on ice instructors
Expert Fit Session & Equipment Collection
10 Weeks, 1x/week, 1 hour
Consistent day and time
Focus on fun; precursor to ‘learn to skate’
1:4 Instructors: Participants Ratio
You can register here